In the shadows of the wharves of the port of Taganrog, not far from the Tsar’s summer palace, exists another world where sailors, gypsies, thieves, beggars, urchins and ladies of the night live shoulder to shoulder in Nevskiy Alley and where can be found the infamous tavern, Sto Viosel.  

Under the watchful eye of the Lanterna, Genoa’s lighthouse, is Piazza Sarzano. For centuries this city heart has played protagonist to jousts, duels and bloody brawls but on this freezing day of 1834, the square is transforming itself into a battlefield for the ideals of liberty. 

In fear for his life, Garibaldi flees alone from the Kingdom of Sardinia, tracing a snaking path through freezing forests to avoid the soldiers and loyalists of King Charles Albert. As swift as an arrow, the fugitive heads to France in order to seek refuge.

The Port of Marseilles
Avanti! Avanti! Sempre avanti! Dietro tenebre. Today, still a fugitive, the rebel imbarks on the brigantine Nautonnier, convincing himself that one day he will return. In the meantime, he must distance himself still further from his beloved Italy, admitting to himself that, just sometimes, renunciation is the highest form of love!